Thank you for forwarding your email address so I can advise you of a wonderful general contractor who helped me make my home a safer and better haven for my senior years. Randy Troope, Sr., RT Contruction Co., LLC, Certified Green Professionals (Licensed/Bonded/Insured), members of the BBB and other equally pertinent associations recently helped me "seniorize" my home so I can continue living here for many years to come. Mr. Troope is a true professional, detail oriented, caring and dedicated, excellent at seeing where areas can be improved now and in the future to make living here as a senior easier and much more affordable than moving into alternate living. His kind demeanor and enthusiasm helped me so much. I am going to recommend that he talk to you to acquaint you with his company, and that he put an advertisement in the "SENIOR RESOURCE GUIDE of the Senior Directory" so other seniors can have an opportunity to discuss possible improvements/changes that will enable them to stay in their homes rather than having to relocate. Thank you for the good job you do for the seniors of Hamilton County


Anna M.


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